Project-Based Learning with a Focus on 21st Century Skills

Our Radian Advanced Animatronic is the only industry-quality animatronic figure built for high school and college level use. With Radian, students work in teams to create lively and engaging animatronic shows that demonstrate their learning of a concept, topic, or theme. Students engage in a variety of activities from the programming of Radian’s twelve independently controlled electric motors and 12 pneumatic cylinders, to script writing, voice acting and sound, set design, costuming, prop making, and more. With Radian’s unique project-based learning opportunities, students discover their interests, talents and passions all while practicing authentic 21st Century Skills.

Our Advanced Animatronic for Education is the only industry-standard figure available for school-based learning application and is manufactured by the world leader in theme park animatronics!

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Radian is a 24-function hybrid animatronic. This 6ft tall character combines both pneumatic and electronic actuators to create a real world experience and unique learning opportunity for students.

With 12 electric individual motors in his head alone, students are able to showcase a wide variety of emotions through countless combinations of dynamic facial expressions.

Radian’s body is driven by 12 pneumatic cylinders strategically placed to give the character a large stage presence. Everything from subtle arm movements to a deep bow can be utilized in order to give this character the illusion of life.

Package includes: Figure, Show Control System, Dongle, Slider Control Board and 1 year warranty.

*An air compressor and Apple computer running the latest system of MacOS  is required and is NOT included.

State-of-the-art Platform
Our Radian Animatronic Figure for Education is Designed to:
  • Provide students with immediate feedback on their computer programming skills using industry-standard software and hardware.
  • Provide teachers with a method to convert routine lessons to engaging project-based learning experiences for students of diverse backgrounds and skill levels.
  • Provide students with career exploration opportunities- script writing, voice acting, engineering, sculpting, costuming, computer programming... the list goes on and on!
  • Provide students with a state-of-the-art platform to demonstrate their learning.
  • Allows students to learn skills in both electrical servo control as well as traditional pneumatic controls - the motive force behind most theme park animatronic figures.
  • Be lightweight and durable. Made from welded aluminum and durable and long-lasting motors, actuators and parts, our product is made to withstand enthusiastic learners!

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