Educational Animatronics

Industry Quality Animatronics for Educational Use


Specialized Personal Animatronic and Robotics Kit

is the only industry-quality animatronic figure built for classroom use, intended for third grade and up. Gone are the days of students working in teams to create a PowerPoint presentation. Now students will work in teams to create a lively and entertaining animatronic show! – a show that will not only demonstrate their learning of a concept or topic, but a show that can be saved and can be utilized to teach others for years to come!

Our Animatronic Figure for Education is Designed to: 

  • Provide students with immediate feedback on their computer programming skills using industry-standard software. 
  • Provide teachers with a method to convert routine lessons to project-based learning.
  • Provide students with career exploration opportunities - script writing, voice acting, engineering, sculpting, costuming, computer programming…the list goes on and on!
  • Provide students with another platform to demonstrate their learning.
  • Be fully electric – no need for charging or replacing batteries, using air compressors to run, it or deal with leaky hydraulic machines.
  • Be lightweight and durable. Made from welded aluminum and durable and long-lasting motors and parts. Our product is made to withstand enthusiastic learners!
  • Have integrated rolling show stages to keep the animatronic figures safe, secure and easily transported from place to place., elevates your figure to eye-level so it can be seen by everyone in the audience and is weighted to prevent from tipping. It also and acts as an enclosure to the control box, power supply, and to the moving parts not intended to be seen by the audience. 


Educational Animatronics Information Page. (pdf)