Please read this entire form before you begin filling it out and answer all questions, indicating “none” or “n/a” where applicable. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of any information required on this form. This application must be completed in its entirety before any offer of employment may be considered.










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    (Proof of citizenship or immigration status will be required upon employment.)




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    Please list the name, relationship, number of years acquainted, and phone number of three professional references.

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    Please list previous employers, beginning with the most recent and going back 10 years. If you held more than one position with the same Company, please list them separately. Jobs will be verified, and references may be checked. This is a legal document, so attaching a resume will not be accepted in lieu of completing this application in its entirety.

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    1. I certify that the information contained in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that any
    misrepresentation or omission of facts is grounds for refusal to hire, or, if hired, dismissal.

    2. I acknowledge my understanding that as a matter of Company policy, all employment is on an “at-will” basis. This means that if I am hired, there is no agreement between me and the Company for a definite period of employment and that my employment may be terminated by the Company or by me at any time for any reason without prior notice or cause. I understand and agree that this statement of policy constitutes the entire agreement between the Company and me regarding the duration of my employment and that neither this agreement nor the “at-will” nature of my employment relationship with the Company may be altered, amended, modified or otherwise changed, except in writing which has been approved and signed by an officer of the Company.

    3. I hereby authorize the Company to request each employer, person, Company or school named in my employment Application to answer all questions that may be asked and to give all information that may be sought in connection with my Application or concerning me or my work habits, character, skill or action in any transaction, and hereby authorize any persons or Companies referenced in the Application to provide the Company or any of its Subsidiaries with any and all information concerning my previous or current employment, education or other information they might have, personal or otherwise. Any information obtained by the Company from any source will be held confidential by the Company from all persons and even against any demand made by me, except as required by law. I understand that any offer of employment is contingent upon a successful background check.

    4. I further understand that an investigation and/or Consumer Report which may include information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, or credit worthiness may be requested by the Company in connection with my employment or post-employment activities. I hereby authorize the Company to obtain and review such reports, and further understand that upon request, I may obtain additional information about the investigation and/or report pursuant to the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    5. I understand that any offer of employment may be subject to my satisfactory completion of a pre-employment drug/alcohol test, as well as a pre-employment physical medical examination designed to determine my ability to perform the essential functions of any position which may be offered to me. A blood test, hair test, urine screen, or any other drug/alcohol screen may be required of any time pursuant to the GHP, Inc. substance abuse policy and as permitted by applicable law. I acknowledge and agree that the pertinent results of such post-offer, pre-employment drug/alcohol physical medical examination and the pertinent results of any post-employment drug/alcohol and/or job related physical or medical examinations may be used to make decisions affecting my employment application and/or continued employment, as applicable.

    6. I hereby release all parties from any liability for any damage caused or claimed to have been caused by giving and receiving opinions as to my previous or current employment and character, and if I am offered employment, the results of any drug/alcohol test, and/or physical or medical examination designed to determine my ability to perform the essential functions (with or without reasonable accommodation) or the position for which I have applied.

    7. I acknowledge that no officer, agent or employee of the Company has made any representations or promises to me concerning the length, duration, kind, character or nature of employment or compensation which may be offered to me, and I further agree that I have not and shall not base any decision to relocate my residence upon any representations of such a nature. I understand and agree that if I am employed: (a) such employment shall be for an indefinite period of time; (b) the Company can and may change my wages and benefits, or other conditions of employment (exclusive of my at-will employment status) at any time; and (c) I shall comply with all rules, regulations and policies, procedures of the Company and I understand that these rules, regulations and/or policies may be altered, withdrawn, modified or amended at any time at the sole option of the Company, with or without prior notice to me, again, with the sole exception of the Company’s at-will employment policy which I acknowledge is non-modifiable.

    8. Although management makes an effort to accommodate individual preferences, business needs at times make the following conditions mandatory; overtime, shift work, a rotating work schedule, or a work schedule other than Monday through Friday. I understand and accept such scheduling requirements.

    9. I understand that any locker, desk, or other equipment assigned to me by the Company is the sole property of the Company. I agree that the Company reserves the right to inspect any such property at any time.

    10. I further understand that my Application will remain active for 180 days from the date it was completed, and that, if I am not offered employment within 180 days and wish to be considered for employment after the 180 day period has expired, I must reapply.

    11. I agree that if hired I may be photographed or recorded as part of marketing activities for the property. I release any and all parties from royalties and by signing this application agree to allow my likeness to be used in commercials, websites, social media, and/or still photos for the purposes of Company related communication, advertising, or marketing in any form.

    *Garner Holt Productions, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t just accept difference — we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our community. GHP, Inc., is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer. All aspects of employment including the decision to hire, promote, discipline, or discharge, will be based on merit, competence, performance, and business needs.