Garner Holt Productions has been in the business of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math since 1977. Schools are making the connection that our business is a perfect match for the programs they are implementing. One school principal told us recently that we own the world’s greatest Makerspace! We are certainly pleased that schools and youth groups are working to educate and inspire the students they serve with the work we do.

We offer customizable field trip options for schools and youth groups starting at $20.00 per student. To request a field trip to Garner Holt Productions, Inc., please complete the field trip request form. Field trips are currently being scheduled for February 4, 2019 and later.

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Hands-on "Make & Take" activity choices - Create Electrical Circuits, Create Motorized Robots, Create Sculptures, Create Hydraulic/Pneumatic Machines & Figure Finishing



Garrison D., SBCUSD

"I teach Automation & Robotics to middle schoolers. They enjoy it, but I don't think they realized just how exciting their own futures could be in this field, until we experienced the full animatronics at GHP.  And it's so exciting to see how a local boy focused on a dream and made it such an exciting company. What my students took away from this trip was priceless. Thank you."


"Our visit to Garner  Holt Productions was a very rewarding experience  for our students. It gave them exposure to various career paths that have to do with S.T.E.M. Students were able to view a video to gain prior knowledge of who Garner Holt is and how he began. The walk-through of the plant was especially valuable because our students were able to see step by step how a robot is created. Seeing The animatronic pirate show up close gave our students a clear visual as to what animatronics are. Lastly, the hands-on activities to build a sculpture and a scissors lift were engaging, it allowed the students to develop their problem solving skills by solving real world problems and tasks. I would definitely recommend a field trip to Garner Holt. The students will have several opportunities to utilize and develop higher order thinking skills, collaboration and creativity."    

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Field Trips to Garner Holt Productions

Departments at GHP

  • Audio & Lighting
  • Show Integration & Programming
  • Ride Systems Engineering
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Acting
  • CNC Manufacturing
  • 3-D Printing/Modeling
  • Audio-Visual Productions
  • Show Sets and Scenery
  • Figure Finishing
  • Research and Development
  • Electronics
  • Architecture & Facilities Engineering
  • Casting & Mold Making
  • Character Design
  • Digital Graphics and Illustration
  • CAD Development
  • Technical Design
  • Technical Engineering
  • Sculpting
  • Plastics Fabrication
  • Animatronics
  • Mechanical Engineering Costuming
  • Special Effects
  • Woodworking
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems

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