Garner Holt AniMakerspace

edison awards inspiring minds

STEAM education includes science, technology, engineering, the *arts*, and math. If you had to think of just one thing that brings all of these elements together…the *perfect topic to execute STEAM in the classroom with real-world applications…what would you come up with?

California-based Garner Holt has a pretty good answer, based on more than 45 years in the business of *animatronics. Yes, we’re talking those sophisticated puppets…robots that bring characters to life in theme parks around the world.

Bill Tynan is the Director of Secondary and Post-Secondary Education and Workforce Development at Garner Holt Education through Imagination. In 2021, this team was honored with a *Gold Edison Award in the category of Steam Centered Creative Learning for their “AniMakerspace”…custom state-of-the-art hands-on learning environments that seamlessly blend science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

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