Professional Learning
Empowering educators of every kind to discover the opportunities and potential of STEAM learning is at the core of our passion. We can’t wait to work with you and explore ways to help your students become even more engaged with what they are learning.
Professional Learning
Educator Opportunities

Inspire your students through STEAM learning. Connect coding and robotics to any content area at any grade level with a little creative thinking!

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Creative Coding for Educators

Expand your invention literacy and learn to teach mechanical & electrical engineering through coding. Powered by creativity, educators learn to embed and connect coding across all content areas and with all grade levels. We emphasize student-centered instruction and provide training that integrates robotics with the visual and performing arts.

Creative Coding for Educators
Animakerspace Academy

For schools and organizations who have partnered with us to create an AniMakerspace on their campus, customizable workshops provide initial and ongoing resources and support to ensure teacher success. Through personalized professional development programs, teachers learn constructionist pedagogy and strategies, alignment of grade level and content-specific objectives within an AniMakerspace environment and expert utilization for a variety of software and machines. Educators who engage in this professional learning series have the opportunity to become a Garner Holt Certified Educator in all elements of AniMakerspace facilitation.

S.T.E.A.M. Professional Development

We provide ongoing resources and supports to ensure teacher success in the classroom with their STEAM education and career exploration initiatives. Teachers learn by doing as they explore hands-on activities and data-driven strategies in an accelerated program. We’ve developed innovative tools and resources to make it easy for teachers to guide students through the art of inventing, making and storytelling.

MakerSpace Bootcamp

Are your school’s current resources collecting dust? Don’t know where to begin with what you’ve already purchased? Need some new and innovative ideas to infuse more STEAM into your lessons? Schools who are ready to take their current resources to the next level can receive customized demonstration lessons, coaching, modeling and lesson planning support.

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