Our educational Activity Kits highlight STEAM concepts from within the Themed Entertainment Industries that will engage and motivate K-12 students to explore and practice engineering and design thinking skills.

Designed to get students’ creative wheels turning, our animatronics fundamentals kits promote exploration, discovery and risk-taking around concepts including mechanical fabrication, sculpting, molding, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical circuits, figure finishing, painting, costuming and more. No step-by-step instructions here, but rather projects that emulate real world work.

Choose from a variety of hands-on STEAM learning activities, each of which emulates unique aspects of the animatronic production process and fosters 21st Century skills:

Activity Kits

Our Animatronic Build Kits allow students to construct, program and figure finish their own multi-function animatronic figure. Students will explore a full range of STEAM skills while bringing their character to life.

Build Kits