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Educate, engage and inspire your students with one-of-a-kind STEAM learning and career exploration experiences at Garner Holt Productions, Inc.!
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Garner Holt Productions has been in the business of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math since 1977. Schools are making the connection that our business is a perfect match for the programs they are implementing.

We offer customizable virtual field trip options for schools, youth groups and other educational organizations, and for students of all ages. To request a virtual field trip to Garner Holt Productions, Inc., please complete the virtual field trip request form.

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Nurture your commitment to bringing high-quality STEAM learning and career exploration experiences to the students you serve!

Out of an abundance of caution, and at the same time remaining committed to providing students with an engaging and inspiring experience, Garner Holt Productions is now offering Virtual Field Trip options for schools, youth groups and other educational organizations. In light of a changing world and the ultimate importance of keeping students, teachers and chaperones safe, we have developed virtual experiences that bring students inside the world’s greatest makerspace to show them how careers in creative design, engineering, advanced manufacturing, animation, and the visual and performing arts converge to create the illusion of life through animatronics in theme parks everywhere! Contact us to learn more about bringing a virtual tour of GHP and hands-on learning opportunities to your students in the new school year!

Request a Virtual Field Trip

All Virtual Field Trips Include GHP History Video, GHP Virtual Tour, All Required Materials & Live Virtual Instruction.

Choose one hands-on STEAM learning activity from the list below. Each activity emulates unique aspects of the animatronic production process and fosters 21st Century Learning Skills.

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum Number of Participants: 100
Activity Kit Choices:
Robotics & Engineering, Electrical Circuits, Lifecasting, Sculpting the Human Head, Figure Finishing
Request a Virtual Field Trip
Robotics & Engineering
History Video
Virtual Guided Tour
All Materials
Live Virtual Instruction
Electrical Circuit Design
History Video
Virtual Guided Tour
All Materials
Live Virtual Instruction
Lifecasting & Moldmaking
History Video
Virtual Guided Tour
All Materials
Live Virtual Instruction
Sculpting the Human Head
History Video
Virtual Guided Tour
All Materials
Live Virtual Instruction
Figure Finishing
History Video
Virtual Guided Tour
All Materials
Live Virtual Instruction
Keep the inspiration going after the field trip ends!

Schedule follow-up distance learning sessions for the days, weeks, or months following your field trip to continue the magic with additional activity kit choices.

*taxes and shipping charges apply. Title 1 schools please call for modified pricing.

We work with schools to ensure students receive all requires materials in advance of their field trip.

Pre-trip Preparation

93% of respondents indicate they are VERY SATISIFIED with pre-trip logistical and material preparation.


96% of respondents indicate they are VERY SATISIFIED with the hands-on engineering, design and art activities students completed on their field trip.

Virtual Hosts

93% of respondents indicate they are VERY SATISIFIED with their host’s ability to give a thorough and informative tour and activity instruction.


98% of respondents indicate they are VERY LIKELY to recommend the Garner Holt Productions, Inc. virtual field trip to a colleague or friend.

Virtual Field Trips

Educate, engage and inspire your students on a STEAM education and career exploration field trip to Garner Holt Productions. Like no other experience, GHP unlocks the magic behind the creation of animatronics for amusement parks all over the world. Virtual field trips to Garner Holt Productions allow students to explore a wide array of careers in the creative industries, cultivate their curiosity, and experience first-hand the unparalleled synergy animatronics create between technology and the arts. Give your students the gift of wonder as they test the limits of their imaginations with hands-on, engineering, design, art and coding activities. We offer a variety of virtual field trip experiences and can customize for the age, grade, or content area focus of your choice.

Specialty Workshops
Animatronics Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge
The Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge is an engaging, hands-on experience that allows students to step into the roles of animatronic designer, engineer, fabricator and artist to construct one-of-kind machines that create the illusion of life!
Invention Literacy
The Invention literacy workshop is a hands-on learning experience where students explore concepts of design and engineering as they apply principles of coding, electrical circuits, conductive materials and creative problem-solving to build whatever their minds can imagine!
Creative Coding & Animated Robotics
The Creative Coding and Animated Robotics Workshop is a hands-on learning experience that allows students to explore the world of animatronic storytelling through robotics, coding, automation and the visual and performing arts.
Custom Designed Experiences
Not seeing what you’re looking for? Our team of animatronics experts and S.T.E.A.M. educators are ready to design and facilitate customizable workshops that align with your educational goals, objectives and budget.
Loved by Educators and Students Alike
Infused with inspiration, imagination and mechanical magic, a virtual field trip to Garner Holt Productions is an experience students and educators will never forget!
Help Your Students Find Their Path
With more than 50 careers required to create an animatronic, virtual field trips to Garner Holt productions allow students to observe a wide range professions across the creative industries that might be right for them!
Plan Your Virtual Field Trip to GHP
We are eager to help you plan an experience at GHP that will meet your students’ needs and align with your learning goals. All grades are welcome and we are ready to support you every step of the way.
Exposure to Dozens of Careers

Research shows that students’ reported levels of engagement with their learning and sense of hope for the future are stronger indicators of future success than any standardized test scores or GPA. What better way to positively affect these outcomes than by bringing students face-to-face with careers that tap into, and help them discover, interests, talents and passions for work they could ultimately see themselves doing for the rest of their lives.

Request a Virtual Field Trip
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Let the Fun Begin!
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How do I book my virtual field trip to Garner Holt Productions?

Virtual field trips can be booked by completing our digital field trip request form found on our website. Once we receive your request we will contact you to discuss the preferred field trip dates indicated on your request form. 

Do your programs support special needs students?

We welcome all students on virtual field trips to Garner Holt Productions. At the time of booking you will be able to provide us with any necessary information should any attending students or adults require special accommodations or considerations while on the virtual field trip.

Are field trips offered on weekends or holidays?

Field trips are typically scheduled on Monday-Friday during the regular school year and summer. If you require a weekend or holiday field trip booking please indicate this on your field trip request form and we are happy to discuss options and make accommodations if possible.

What if I have to cancel my field trip with fewer than 30 days prior to the scheduled date?

We completely understand that issues from time to time that may require you to cancel your scheduled field trip. Therefore, cancellations that occur fewer than 30 days prior to the scheduled field trip forfeit only the 50% deposit made to secure the date at the time of booking. All other fees may be refunded or credited for a future trip.

What are my field trip payment options?

We are able to accept a Purchase Order, company check or company credit card for both the deposit and balance for your Garner Holt Productions field trip.

How many different interests, talents and passions are represented in your classroom? Treat your students to an experience at Garner Holt Productions that shows them how to pursue a career of their dreams! At Garner Holt Productions your students will observe engineers, artists, manufacturers and technicians performing jobs in the following career fields…
  • Concept Art and Character Development
  • Programming & Coding
  • 3D Design & Modeling
  • Costuming & Sewing
  • Airbrushing & Painting
  • Animation & Storyboarding
  • Engineering & Building
  • Machining & Welding
  • Sculpting & Plastics
  • Mold Making and Silicone
  • Synthetic hair, teeth, nails and eyes
  • Carpentry and Set Building
  • Pneumatics and Electrical

The most exciting thing about Garner Holt Productions is the validation it provides to more creative students. I saw my students' horizons broadened right before my eyes. They also loved knowing this amazing facility is right here in San Bernardino

Leslie B.
High School Teacher

This truly was unlike anything I'd ever seen before! It was enlightening! I had always been curious about how animatronics work and I learned that during my visit. Thank you!! OH, and I actually got a chance to shake hands with Garner Holt himself!! Thank you again for the opportunity you provided me as well as my 6th graders! We truly appreciated it and found it memorable!!

Carmen S.
Elementary Teacher

The girls in my Troop loved the tour. The girls talked all the way home on all the stuff they got to see and all the stuff the learned it was an amazing opportunity for them. Thank you for the learning experience.

Tammie W.
Girl Scout Leader

The professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the GHP staff enhanced the experience for teachers, parents, and students. I appreciated the opportunities for students to independently problem-solve during the hands-on activities.

Allen G.
Special Education Teacher

The Garner Holt field trip was the ultimate demonstration of what S.T.E.A.M. is supposed to be about. If more schools and districts could see how multiple disciplines interrelate in the real world, perhaps then we could change the way education is being delivered to our students for the better. Garner Holt and companies like it show proof as to why we should fight to keep “shop” classes in our high schools. The skills gained in those classes are the same skills needed to succeed across all industries.

Ben N.
Academy Director

GHP is such a creative, stimulating workplace! I appreciated the opportunity for students to learn about fun, fulfilling jobs where they don’t necessarily need a traditional college education. The focus on learning, creating, and following their passions was a wonderful lesson for the kids.

Elizabeth F.
Parent Chaperone