Youth Programs

From Robotics and Coding to Sculpting and Costume Making, we offer a wide variety of customizable student programs designed to meet your needs, support your goals, and align with the learning objectives you have set.

Youth Programs
Inspire a New Generation of Innovators

Animatronics is a unique industry that seamlessly integrates computer programming, engineering, advanced manufacturing and technologies, as well as the visual and performing arts. Our educational programs emphasize career awareness and exploration in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, hands-on technical skill development, and authentic project based learning designed to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving for our next generation of innovators.

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Afterschool & Evening Classes
We offer a wide variety of afterschool and evening opportunities for students of all ages. From robotics and coding to sculpting and costuming making, our classes focus on exploring interests and developing skills across the Creative Industries!
In-Person and Virtual Day Camps
Day camps provide engaging opportunities for students of all ages to exercise their creativity and imagination by exploring animatronic worlds of mechanical magic and storytelling wonder! Activities focus on elements STEAM Learning and require no prior experience.
Animatronics Academy
Animatronics Academy is an immersive 5-Day STEAM experience allows students to create their very own animatronic show, and that culminates in the presentation of shows for family and friends at the end of the week!
Communication, Collaboration, and Problem-Solving
Afterschool & Evening Classes

Afterschool and evening classes are available for students to explore a variety of concepts and themes. Enmphasis is on expanding the learning that takes place during the school day through enriching and engaging activities. Communication, collaboration and problem-solving are promoted by opportunities that allow students to explore careers in the creative industries, dive deeply into the creative process, and work together learning what it means to be part of a team.

A Foundational Understanding of Animatronics
In-Person and Virtual Day Camps

Day Camps provide students with experiences that promote a foundational understanding of animatronics in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students practice effective communication, collaboration, teamwork and design thinking as they stretch beyond the limits of their comfort zones to imagine and create worlds of moving art!

Robotics, Automation, Engineering, and Visual Arts
Animatronics Academy

Animatronics Academy is a multi-day immersive, customizable experience designed to emulate the real world of work, provide opportunities for hands-on technical skill development, and authentic practice in 21st Century Skills application. Through robotics, automation, engineering, and the visual and performing arts, students explore a variety of careers in the creative industries and advanced manufacturing. Working in teams, students create an engaging animatronic show utilizing a Garner Holt Education through Imagination Advanced Animatronic figure, SPARK-E. Focusing on elements such as engineering, fabrication, programming, coding, lighting and sound, digital media, research, script writing, voice acting, painting, sculpting, figure finishing, costuming, set design and prop creation, the Academy culminates with an animatronic showcase, which allows students to demonstrate their learning and showcase their creativity to their friends and families. Animatronics Academy concepts are engaging and challenging while providing creative flexibility to students from all walks of life. On-site and off-site options available.

Animatronics Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge
The Engineering, Design & Prototyping Challenge is an engaging, hands-on experience that allows students to step into the roles of animatronic designer, engineer, fabricator and artist to construct one-of-kind machines that create the illusion of life!

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Invention Literacy
The Invention literacy workshop is a hands-on learning experience where students explore concepts of design and engineering as they apply principles of coding, electrical circuits, conductive materials and creative problem-solving to build whatever their minds can imagine!

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Creative Coding & Animated Robotics
The Creative Coding and Animated Robotics Workshop is a hands-on learning experience that allows students to explore the world of animatronic storytelling through robotics, coding, automation and the visual and performing arts.

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Custom Designed Experiences
Not seeing what you’re looking for? Our team of animatronics experts and S.T.E.A.M. educators are ready to design and facilitate customizable workshops that align with your educational goals, objectives and budget.

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Inspired by Garner Holt Productions, the world’s largest manufacturer of animatronic figures

In leveraging this world of technical wizardry and storytelling magic, our Animatronic Fundamentals Kits provide students with hands-on, engineering, design and art-based experiences. We provide the kits, curriculum and technical support so these lessons become exercises in experiential, hands-on learning.

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Inspired by the mechanical magic created by Garner Holt Productions
Our Animatronic Fundamentals Kits are great for:
  • STEAM Learning

    Our kits capitalize on animatronics’ seamless integration of each element in the STEAM learning model. Help your students understand the interdependent potential of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math through hands-on experiences that promote design thinking, creativity and imagination!

  • Career Exploration

    Each Animatronic Fundamentals Kit emulates an aspect of animatronic production allowing students to experience and explore the vast array of career fields required to create the illusion of life! Each of our kits promote the design thinking, prototyping and iteration, which employers agree is critical for the success of the 21st century workforce.

  • Economical Experiences

    Work within your budget while still providing students with inspiring, hands-on experiences that tap into their sense of wonder and amazement! Our activity kits are priced for classroom use so that students may discover interests, talents and passions, and to do it through a lens of career exploration and personal discovery.

  • Convenience

    Our kits are stocked with pre-sorted and pre-measured materials, packed individually for each student and boxed by classroom. Our kits are differentiated by age group to ensure that every student has an engaging and challenging experience. We have kits that teach the fundamentals of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical circuits, fabrication, costuming, figure finishing, special effects, life casting and more.

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Collage of students building ETI kits

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“...the "Jobs of the Future" do not need scientists who have memorized the periodic table. In fact, business leaders say they are looking for creative, independent problem solvers in every field, not just math and science. Yet in most schools, STEM subjects are taught as a series of memorized procedures and vocabulary words, when they are taught at all”

Sylvia Libow Martinez
Author, Invent to Learn

“The fact is, that given the challenges we face, education doesn’t need to be reformed – it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education, but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.”

Ken Robinson
Education Expert

"We forget that our responsibility isn’t solely to teach memorization or the mechanics of a task but to spark a curiosity that empowers students to learn on their own."

George Couros
Author of The Innovator's Mindset

"We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves."

Stephen Downes
Education Expert